VPI Classic 2SE Turntable – A Rare Opportunity - Open Box

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Reference Number: Avaluer:486246Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Color: BlackSpeed Settings: 33.3RPM, 45RPM
Original Description:
 VPI Classic2SE Turntable – New Open box!!Please readauction stipulations before bidding – Thanks!!  Youare bidding on a new open box VPI Classic 2SE turntable with an includedPhoenix Engineering RoadRunner power supply and tachometer. I bought this setupa couple years back from Music Direct, intending to get back into vinyl, but unfortunatelyI never found the time with my busy life. So, this new setup (with less than an hour playback) is available foryour consi...deration.  This is a rareopportunity to buy a precision turntable made in the USA.  VPI turntables are highly reviewed and areconsidered by most to be the pinnacle for their respective price ranges.  The Classic 2SE was a bridge unit between theClassic 2 and the Classic 3, incorporating many of the features that were builtinto the Classic 3.  The Classic 2SE weighs20 more pounds (65 lbs!!) than the Classic 2.  ThePhoenix Engineering tachometer provides precision speed control to the platterand really reduces the already superb wow and flutter.  It also provides electronic switching between33 and 45rpm, so you don’t have to mess around with the drive belt.  I also have a custom-made dust cover for purchaseas an extra cost item, we can negotiate a price for this.  The cartridge is NOT included.  I have all the original packaging.   Thisunit will most likely ship in two boxes. I will quote you a shipping price if you win, but expect domesticshipping to be in the neighborhood of $100 for your planning purposes, it couldbe less and probably won’t be more.   International shipping will be higher andhandled through eBay’s global shipping program. Please see the discussion below for more information and specifications. TheVPI Classic 2SE retailed for $4300.00. These were not discounted. The Phoenix Engineering power supply andtachometer retained for $400.00.  Thistotal setup would run you over $5000 if you could find a new unit today.   My starting price will be very reasonableand there is no reserve.  Good luck and thank you for viewing my auction. Auction stipulations (based on over 20 years’ experience with E-bay)– please read prior to bidding.  Most of these are non-negotiable – but youcan ask.·      Serious bidders – if you donot have the means to pay for this item, please refrain from bidding – there isno purpose bidding on something you cannot pay for and will not receive.   All this will accomplish is you getting astrike by E-bay and you being banned from participating on any of my futureauctions.·      I only ship directdomestically.  ·      For Canada or worldwideshipping, I ONLY use the eBay Global shipping feature - please ensure yourcountry is listed before bidding.  If your country is NOT listed, I willnot ship. ·      Please note shipping chargesvary based on location, the invoice will contain your final shipping charges. For my domestic (USA customers)·      I will ship this to you byFedEx Ground or Home service (shipping charges are similar to UPS).  Numismatic or philatelic materials will shippriority flat-rate.  Expedited services are available atadditional cost - please inquire.·      All shipments will be insured(fees will be part of the shipping costs).·      Shipments will typicallyrequire a signature to ensure the correct party receives the item.  You may call your local shipper to hold thepackage for pickup at your convenience.  For my Canadian and global customers:·      Frankly for the cost ofshipping these internationally, I would have to question your sanity for notbuying a pair locally.  But if you areextremely rich, then…..·      Please account for import duties prior to bidding.  ·      I will insure this item for the auction price plus shipping fees –that way neither you nor I will lose money if damaged during transit.·      I will ship this to you byEbay’s Global Shipping service.   No othershipping options are available (I have my reasons). For all my customers·      I will accept payment viaPaypal or by other negotiated means (i.e., check, certified funds, etc).   For local pick-up items please providepayment in real funds at time of pickup. ·      If using Paypal, I will onlyship to a confirmed address (don’t waste your or my time requesting shipping toan unconfirmed address).  For localpick-up items please provide payment in real funds at time of pickup.  ·      If you pay by other means(i.e., certified check) and the payment clears, I will ship to any domesticaddress you desire.  Please note: Ideposit the check first to ensure that it behaves and then ship yourmerchandise.  ·      Listed items are sold as-is, there is no expressed warranty. ·      I only accept returns if theitem is not generally as described or if it was damaged during shipping.  Shipping is not refundable.  Although I will employ reasonable means toensure your package arrives in sound condition, if it does not please contactme promptly or better yet refuse the package. Features and Specifications JMW-10.5i Tonearm, Silent InvertedBearing, "On the Fly" Adjustable VTA Base Result in Premiere AnalogPerformance: VPI Classic 2SE Turntable Features Extra-Thick Plinth forUltra-Quiet Operation The mesmerizing sound of the VPIClassic 2SE turntable is proof that thickness matters when it comes toanalog performance. Distinguished with an extra-thick plinth largelyresponsible for its dead-quiet performance, VPI Classic 2SE also comesstandard with the new stainless-steel version of the JMW-10.5i unipivottonearm in rigid mount mode and a pre-installed VTA Base that offersusers the ultimate in flexibility and fine-tuning. JMW-10.5i uses VPI'spure copper wire, a solid plinth with a real wood finish, a solidfixed mounted AC synchronous motor, silent inverted bearing, and VPI'sMini HR-X isolation feet. Classic 2SE sounds fast, clean, wideopen, with deep powerful bass, and unparalleled speed stability. Backed byour Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee,  Classic 2SE givesany turntable made regardless of price a serious run for the money. "The Classic, in my opinion, exceeds the performance of [VPI's] ScoutMaster series and breaks new sonicground... at a breathtakingly low price. I think this is Weisfeld's bestsounding design. If ever there were a best buy in "tables, this is it!"

– Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound  Classic 2SE Includes Pre-InstalledVTA Base
Classic 2SE comes with a VTA base which allows on-the-fly adjustments of VTA.Even very slight changes in VTA can have a broad effect on the sound of youranalog system and properly dialing in VTA allows more of the best qualities ofyour cartridge to shine. Classic 2SE's adjustable VTA Base allows fineadjustments of Vertical Tracking Angle while the record is playing. This"on the fly" adjustment makes quick work of those important tinychanges that optimize the presentation of your analog rig. For listeners withmultiple armwands, the VTA Base allows quick swaps – even with varied heightcartridges, and easily repeatable results. "VPI's best work is now arelatively simple and easy-to-set-up player that combines an excellent chassis, built-ion motor, and tonearm. Outperforming many units at stratosphere prices, it puts a premium in reliability, rather than pushing the engineering envelopeto gimmicks that do not survive engagement with reality."

– Anthony Cordesman,  The Absolute Sound Differences Between Classic 2SE, Classic 2 (discontinued), and Classic 1SE
Classic 2SE is built with a much-thicker plinth than that of the retiredClassic 2, a design advantage that leads to exceptionally quiet operation andstability. Classic 2SE also has a pre-installed VTA base, a feature – alongwith the extra-thick plinth – missing from Classic 1SE. Features: Speed stability on par with a master tape.Noise rejection that lets the Classic Turntable sit near four 15” subwoofers cleanly.Lack of random motion between the motor, platter, and tonearm giving the ultimate in low level resolution.Absolutely solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece chassis holding all components.Classic 2 tonearm with "VTA on the fly" wired with silver coated pure copper wire, 10.5" long armtube made from aluminum and stainless steel, critically damped in the armtube to keep the arm and wires from vibrating.New 6061 machined aluminum, 18 pound high inertia platter with precision inverted bearing and stainless steel damping plate.Speed stability on par with a master tape - Due to the rigid mounting of motor - platter - tonearm there is no random motion.Noise rejection allowing the "Classic Turntable" to sit on a wood shelf near four 15" subwoofers and having virtually no feedback.Lack of random motion between the motor - platter - tonearm gives the ultimate in low level, resolution.Absolutely solid, non-resonating, laminated one-piece chassis, holding all components. This is not a wooden frame; it is a solid laminated 2" thick MDF block with 11 gauge steel attached to the top with silicone and long bolts through all the layers.Now with solid black oak or solid walnut wood finish on all four sides.RCA jack termination so you can use the interconnect of your choice.Tonearm anti-skate - For those that require the fine adjustment of anti-skate, it is standard on the Classic 2 tonearm.Dimensions: 20.5" W x 15.5" D x 10" H (Including tonearmwire loop)
Weight: 65 pounds  This product isdesigned, manufactured and shipped from the USA.The RoadRunner isa microprocessor controlled digital tachometer used for monitoring turntableplatter speed to 3 decimal places of resolution. The internal time base is atemperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) accurate to 2.5 PPM(±0.00025%) with less than 1.0 PPM aging per year. The RoadRunnerTachometer provides a direct digital readout of the platter speed after only 2revs and updates the display on each revolution afterwards. This provides asignificant improvement over strobes and other devices (i.e. SutherlandTimeline) that are only indicators of fast/slow, not a measurement device.Strobes also lack resolution; often you need to track the “drift” of the marksover several minutes and compute the speed using a calculator. At 33 RPM, aspeed error of 0.01 RPM represents a drift of 0.0113” per revolution (about thethickness of card stock). The tachometer uses ahall effect sensor and a small magnet attached to the underside of the platterto sense the platter rotation.  The sensor requires approximately 0.25”(~6mm) of clearance to be installed properly. The magnet/sensor assembly can beinstalled under the platter at the edge or under a sub-platter assembly ifpresent. Accumulated Playing TimeCounter: RoadRunner tachometerswith serial numbers >540511 have a built-in accumulated playing timecounter. The counter shows the total time the platter has been spinningand can be used to determine when the stylus needs to be re-tipped. The countercan be displayed and reset to zero when the stylus is replaced. Specifications:Physical: 
Dimensions: 3.565"L x 2.50"W x 1.1875"H.
Weight: 4 oz.
Case: 1 piece Extruded Aluminium.Operating Modes:
Standby, Sleep, Normal.Power Requirements:
DC Supply 9VDC 100 mA nominal; 5mA SleepOutput:
Display: 6 digit LED direct readout of platter speed in RPM
Resolution: 0.001 RPM
Serial Data: 3.5mm connector 9600N81 DCE
Freq Stability: Crystal Controlled ±2.5PPM (±0.00025%) 

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